Okakambe Stables has received its name from the native languages Herero and Shivambo where it means "HORSE".

Okakambe Stables, is situated on the banks of the dry Swakopriverbed, 12 km outside Swakopmund, and was founded by Kathrin Schaefer Stiege eighteen years ago.

Kathrin, who comes from Germany, fulfilled her dream of having her own horse riding school in Africa and started off with only two horses for horse riding lessons. today this little horse farm in the middle of the Namib Desert hosts a varity of animals, with the special attraction still being the horses, but with the difference that today there are over 40 well trained and well fed horses on the farm (which include hanoverians, Throughbreds, Friesians, Arabs and others).

Here they live in large paddocks with surroundings where their natural herd instincts are satisfied. Even though they work hard, they are constantly stimulated by their close contact with each other and also the children who come here for horse-riding lessons.

Therefore the horses are good-natured and healthy in body and mind and well behaved.
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