We at Okakambe Stables wish to bring Namibia and the living desert with all its beauty and space a bit closer to you, as on horse back one can experience some of the deserts wildlife which cannot be seen from a driving car. The desert offers a diversity of terrains, which can vary from dunes to sand and rocky plains to mountains and dry riverbeds.

All trails will start relatively early in the mornings, when it is still cool and most of the deserts wildlife is still active, after a healthy breakfast with some coffee or tea.

At noon the desert could develop a scorching heat and where possible we will rest in the shade of trees and rock formations for the hottest part of the day, where we will have small lunch. In the evenings we will be able to enjoy a good meal which will be prepared on an open fireplace under the starlit sky.

The daily distance covered is approximately 30 to 40 km, depending on the experience of the riders and the weather conditions. The well being of the horses and our guests will always be at our first interest.

Camps will be set up with canvas dome tents and paraffin storm lanterns. Dinner will be prepared on an open fireplace and served at tables set with tablecloths and glassware.

We do not ride with full gear, as many do underestimate the desert sun. Camp materials as well as your bag with your overnight clothing will be transported from camp to camp by the mobile unit of Okakambe Stables.

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