Two Days / One Night Horse Trail (Tented Camp)

Day 1.
We leave at appr. 9h00 from Okakambe base along the Swakopriverbed towards the ringing stones, from where we will ride through the valleys and canyons north of the Swakopriver. With a bit of luck we will be able to see some of the very scarce desert wildlife in the riverbed along the vegetation or hidden in the rocks and canyons of the desert.

First overnight camp will be under the starlit sky in our tented camp just north of the oasis Goanikontes. If the weather allows it we would be able to ride up to the plains north of Goanikontes, where we will be able to see a few smaller samples of the Welwitchia.

Day 2.
After a hearty breakfast, we will mount the horses again and ride down some canyons with splendid scenery to the Flintstones Caves, where we can enjoy a nice refreshing lunch, after which the ride will take us through the Swakopriver with some nice long canters over sandy plains to the burnt mountain Nuberofkop. All should be back at Okakambe base at approximately 16h00 from where everybody can depart again to their respective hotels or safaris.