At Okakambe Stables we also offer outrides from as short as one hour to three hours, or even day tours in addition to our overnight trails.

The outrides will be small excursions through the dry Swakopriverbed, over through some of the small canyons into the little moon landscape. The rides will take you past the burned mountain "Nuberoffkop", back into the Swakoprivervalley. The outrides that are on offer are: 1 hour, 1,5 hours, 2 hours and three hours outrides.

Day tours on horse-back:
The day tours start at 9h00 in the morning at Okakambe Stables and are horse rides of approximatley five to six hours and will take the riders dwon into the Swakoprivervalley, through five to six hours and will take the riders down into the Swakoprivervalley, through the little moon landscape, over to the sand dunes.

Here the horses will take our guests along the old history railway track to the colonial horse cemetery, from where the ride will go on towards the beack. Lunch will be served at a set table at the beach.

After lunch the ride will take us along the Swakopriverbed past the greens of the golf course, where we can see a few Springbuck grazing on the greens. Approximeatley at 16h00 hourse the riders will all be back at Okakambe Stables.

With a bit of luck, the horse riders on a day trail will be able to see Springbuck and Jackal and plenty of bird life and certainly splendid scenery.